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º -nueve- º

--- ::3:I might be wrong_Radiohead:4:You don't know me_Ray Charles:5: Hey_Pixies
:6:Eleanor Rigby_Paul McCartney:7:Strangers_Portishead:8:Rabies_Duchess Says
:9:Jane's addiction_Jane says ::10:: Natural mystic_Bob Marley:: ::1:: The lost
song_The Cat Empire ::2:: Go with the flow_Queens of the stone age ---

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º -ocho- º

--- :1:Ashes to ashes_David Bowie:2:Da ya think I'm sexy_Rod Stewart:3:Living on
the video_TransX:4:Sounds like a melodie_Alphaville:5:Riding on the metro_Berlin
:6:One night in bangkok_Alphaville:7:Hazy shades of winter_Bangles:8:Money for
nothing_Dire Straits:9:Metro MRX_Soft cell:10:Last train to London_ELO ---

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º -siete- º

--- :1:Alice_The sister of mercy:2:An audience with the pope_Elbow:3: Alcohol
_CSS:4:After you're gonne_Jimmie Noone:5:All night_Damian Marley:6:Athene
_Hercules and love affair:7:Aerosol burns_Essential logic:8:Allien in my
belly_Wax Tailor:9:Anymore_The cat empire:10:Aquarium time_Wooden Shjips:: ---

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º -seis- º

:1:011_OrquestaTípicaFernandezFierro:2:Tu boca mintió_Alberto Echague:3:De igual
a igual_JulioMartel:4:Siempre amigos_LaloMartel:5:Canción desesperada_Roberto
Goyeneche:6:Corrientes y esmeraldas_OTFF:7:Mano a mano_CarlosGardel:8:Obsesión_
AlfredodeAngelis:9:Lejos de ti_Raúl Garcés:10:Sangre Maleva_AlfredoDeAngelis: --

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º -cinco- º

---:1:Black rainbow_Cocorosie:2:Hound dog_Big mama Thornton:3:Corner
Store_Brazilian Girls:4:These boots are made for walking_NancySinatra:5:My
superman_Santogold:6:I'll kill her_Soko:7:Dos policias_LosPunsetes:8:Sex
Appeal_SexySushi:9:Star fish_BikiniKill:10 TB's got me_VictoriaSpivey:: ---

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º -cuatro- º

--1:Do not fuck with us_Fightclub:2:Girl,you'll be a woman soon_UrgeOverkill :3:
Funnel of love_ RockandRolla:4:Cross the tracks_Maceo&TheMacks:5:Casino_JoePesci
andDeNiro:6:Spanish grease_DavidHolmes:7:Miserlow_DickDale:8:All that jazz_Echo&
TheBunnyMen:9:Drown in my tears_RayCharles:10:Meu nome é zé pequeno_CiudadDeDios

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º -tres- º

---::1:: Bad kids_Black Lips ::2:: Summertime_Sublime ::3:: They don't believe_Russian Red ::4:: Rhythm & soul_spoon ::5:: The way_Fastball ::6:: Whalebones_man man ::7:: Long lines of cars_Cake ::8:: I disappear_The faint ::9:: Voodoo_Ganglians ::10:: Bruises_Jet:: ---

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º -dos- º

---:1:Eso se baila así_Hector Lavoe:2:El adiós_Orquesta Zodiac:3:Fuego en el 23_
SonoraPonceña:4:Gracia divina_LarryHarlow:5:Apartamento 21_WillieColón:6:Hachero
pa un palo_SonoraPonceña:7:Longina_OscarDeLeón:8:El cuarto de Tula_BuenaVista
SocialClub:9:San Lazaro_Celina&Reutilio:10:Prende el fogón_Sonora Ponceña ---

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º -uno- º

---:1:Memories_Waldeck:2:Wonder when you're coming home_JamesBrown:3:Pass this on_TheKnife:4:Down the hell_Pixies:5:505_ArcticMonkeys:6:Pallin' with al_SquirrelNutZippers:7:Cupid smiling the smile_One self:8:Undone-the swear song_Wezzer:9:Vampire_AntsyPants:10:J'veux un mec-Adrienne Pauly ---